Infused Balsamic Vinegar

We have a wonderful and unique range of infused balsamic vinegars for you to buy online.

Our flavoured balsamics are created by the Verrini family using aged balsamic vinegar that they have produced on their estate in the north of Modena, Italy. The Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes they grow are picked, pressed and cooked down into a top quality grape must before being combined with a little wine vinegar and then aged in wooden barrels until they reach the correct density. Our classic range of balsamics are made from our thinner, younger Classic Balsamic Condimento, where as our Reserve range are made from our thicker, richer and more intense Reserve balsamic vinegar.

This is why our infused balsamic vinegars are so delicious; the aged balsamic that is infused is of a premium quality. The flavours are added to the balsamic once they have reached the perfect density by added concentrated natural ingredients, aromas and juices to the balsamic.

Our flavoured balsamic vinegars are some of our very best selling products and they are unique and exclusive to The Gift of Oil. We work with the Verrini family to test and refine new flavours; a process that can take several years.

Our infused balsamic vinegars are perfect as salad dressings, to marinate or dress your meals, and to enjoy Italian style mixed with one of our olive oils as a dip with warm, fresh bread.

If you are looking to buy infused balsamics online then you have certainly come to the right place; no other company in the UK offers such a wide a selection of unique, delicious and high quality flavoured vinegars as we do.

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