Aubergine Artichoke Fritters

Share in the Sicilian experience!

On our trip to Sicily to visit the Disisa Estate, we lived and ate with the Di Lorenzo's; the family who produce our Sicilian and infused olive oils. We ate so well that we want you to be able to share in the Sicilian experience!

These veggie delights were brought out by Maria Paola after a huge mountain of pasta (pasta for starters!) and even though we were incredibly full we managed to make our way through plenty of these. I'm not sure of the quantities used yet, but I'm going to have some fun experimenting and find out! Let us know if you do the same!


  • Stale bread
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Plain flour
  • Eggs to bind
  • Parsley
  • We had artichoke fritters along with aubergine ones that were so big we had to enquire how an aubergine could look like that!
  • Maria Paola brought one out to show us, it looked like a big purple pumpkin!
  • They explained that they call them Tunisian aubergines but they are grown in Sicily.
  • Normal aubergines would work too though!


  • Thinly slice the aubergines, and keep the artichoke hearts whole. Salt them and leave for at least an hour on absorbent kitchen roll to take away some of the moisture.
  • Grate the bread into breadcrumbs, and mix with the Parmesan, the flour, the parsley and black pepper.
  • Then add an egg to bind the mixture.
  • Coat the vegetables well in the mix.
  • Heat a frying pan and add plenty of olive oil to the pan.
  • Do a little test with a crumb to check that the oil is hot enough- if the crumb browns and crisps then the oil is hot enough.
  • Drop the breaded vegetables into the oil, wait until crispy on one side then turn.
  • Once crispy and browned then remove from the pan onto absorbent kitchen roll to remove any excess oil.
  • Maria Paola and Ina served these for us with a simple but delicious salad of iceberg lettuce and fennel, dressed with our Sicilian Olive Oil and Red Wine Vinegar. However you could use these as veggie burgers, put them inside wraps with hummus or tzatziki, or have with chips & ketchup like veggie nuggets!
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