Chocolate and coffee bananas

Guaranteed to blow away anyone

These BBQ/roasted bananas are super easy all you need is some tinfoil, bananas and our Chocolate & Coffee Balsamic.

You could also use the Pomegranate & Fig or Blueberry & Vanilla infused balsamics to make more of a fruity dessert, or you could use the Classic or the Reserve balsamics, but we love how the Chocolate & Coffee flavours work with the caramelised bananas. Yum!

We are using these as a topping on our pancakes this pancake day- give it a try!



  • Slice the banana peel down the centre of the banana, and separate slightly so that you can trickle the Chocolate & Coffee balsamic over the banana inside the skin.
  • Then close the banana peel back around the banana, cover in tinfoil, and pop on the BBQ for about 20mins or more, as long as the BBQ isn't too hot.
  • If you are baking in the oven, preheat the oven to 190C and cook for 10/15 mins until lovely and sticky.
  • Serve the BBQ bananas still Inside the blackened skins with a big dollop of ice cream or greek yoghurt and another trickle of Chocolate & Coffee Balsamic.
  • You could add strawberries or raspberries too. Have an experiment and let us know what you think!
  • You can also use these as a topping for your pancakes. Follow this link to our Balsamic Mushrooms & Spinach Pancakes Recipe for a great pancake batter recipe.
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