Courgette ham caciocavallo spaghetti

This is a delicious dish that Maria Paola and Ina of the Di Lorenzo family shared with us.

Maria Paola and Ina of the Di Lorenzo family are producers of our Sicilian Olive Oil and Infused Olive Oils and they shared this with us on our trip to Sicily in February.

Sicilian food is so wonderful because of its simplicity; they use a few quality, local ingredients to make their dishes, so that the flavour in each ingredient is appreciated and plays a key role in the dish. Of course, being on the Disisa estate where the Di Lorenzo's create delicious single estate wines and olive oils, their premium quality extra virgin olive oil is a key ingredient in almost every meal and it is served with a big glass of their delicious red Nero D'avola wine.


  • Spaghetti pasta Very thinly sliced Italian dry cured ham (e.g. Prosciutto)
  • Sliced courgette Caciocavallo (Delicious Sicilian hard cheese that literally translates to 'cheese on horseback' but is made from cows milk) or you could use Parmesan as a replacement
  • Salt and black pepper


  • Cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water until ‘al dente’ In a separate pan cook the sliced courgettes in plenty of Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.
  • Once the spaghetti is cooked, add to the pan adding in the very thinly sliced ham. Toss together with plenty more olive oil, and grate over lots of the local ‘Caciocavallo’ cheese (you could also use Parmesan which is a similar hard cheese).
  • Add plenty of black pepper and a little salt if required and serve.
  • As alien as it seems to us in the UK, Sicilians enjoy pasta as their first course, usually followed by meats with vegetables or salad.
  • So why not surprise your friends and serve this as a starter, Sicilian style!
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