Tortellini with a home made tomato sauce

Prepared in under five minutes this dish has everything your family needs for a balanced diet.

If you are looking for a recipe that is super quick and nutritious Ravioli is the dish for you.




Boil a pan of water and add salt to speed up the heating time.

In another pan, on a low heat, add your chopped tomatoes, garlic, sugar, basil (dried herbs if you don't have any fresh) season to taste and stir.

Now the pan of water is boiling add in your ravioli and boil as per instructions.  Usually around 2-5 minutes.

Turn up the heat on your sauce and once boiling add in your spinach.

Once the spinach has wilted, turn off the heat and stir in your caramelised onion balsamic and chilli pepper infused olive oil or garlic infused olive oil

Drain the ravioli and simply pour your sauce over the top.

Serve to your hungry family with a sprinkling of cheese and seasoned to taste.

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