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Enhance your picnic!

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We are celebrating #NationalPicnicWeek at The Gift of Oil! We want to share our ideas with you to help you make the most of our short but sweet British summertime, and get picnicking!

For #NationalPicnicWeek we’re giving you lots of inspiration to take your salad from standard, to next level and have a picnic to remember this Summer!

Whether you’re stealing ten minutes of your lunch break at the local park or relaxing for a whole afternoon, packing the perfect picnic couldn’t be easier with our collection of tasty picnic food ideas.

We have 5 delicious picks to add a ‘gourmet’ touch to your picnic and boost your side dishes instantly by just adding a few different flavours and textures:

A macaroni salad is an ultimate Summertime favourite for us! This old-fashioned macaroni salad with crisp vegetables, dressed in a creamy but light mayonnaise dressing, is just right for any picnic. To take the flavour to the next level, simply stir a glug of chilli oil or garlic oil through your favourite mayonnaise, and be prepared to be blown away!

Our next definite side dish to take to a picnic is our take on a summer coleslaw, this was invented by one of our customers and we can’t thank them enough for introducing us to this delicousness. In a bowl, add together a handful of grated cooked beetroot, a handful of grated carrot and a handful of flaked almonds totally drenched in our orange & mandarin oil, simply amazing!

A picnic isn’t a picnic unless you have chicken sandwiches! Make any sandwich that little bit more special with a drizzle of both pomegranate & fig infused balsamic and lemon oil. Drizzle this wonderful combination  over delicious crusty bread, chicken and salad to add a rich, intense flavour of decadence. It’s also absolutely stunning over a grilled steak sandwiches if you want to go that extra mile.

Panzanella is a classic Italian bread and tomato salad that manages to be fresh and summery no matter how you make it, it’s also ideal for a picnic at the office! Panzanella is a great way to use up stale bread, it’s made for warm summer days, when tomatoes are at their best. To give it that extra flavour, drizzle basil  oil generously and let this pairing combine the lovely aromatic basil with the velvety richness of ripe tomatoes.

A pizza bread is a must have for any summer picnic and may be the quick and easy picnic snack you have been looking for – and you can make it fun by letting your little ones join in with the prepping. Pizza made with bread – genius and a cost effective dish to add to any family picnic! We love ours drenched in rosemary & garlic oil, it creates an unimaginable taste sensation.

For more food inspiration and to stimulate your kitchen creativity, see our latest recipes and cooking tips to help use our range of infused extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar and to make any meal that little bit more special!

Basil oil, garlic oil, truffle oil, lemon oil, chilli oil…we have ideas for all of them.

For a little added sharpness  for summer al fresco dressings we have excellent white wine vinegar and red wine vinegar too.


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