Love Food. Love Flavour.

Love Food. Love Flavour.

The Gift Of Oil

Discover new levels of food enjoyment with olive oil and balsamic vinegar collections from The Gift of Oil.

The journey began for founder Phil Bianchi when well over twenty years ago he fell in love with the Mediterranean way of life whilst working for an olive oil company based in Athens.

He realised very quickly on his travels  that the olive oils and balsamics available back then in the UK were massively inferior to those he had discovered  in Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and France.

This was to lead in fairly short order to the creation of The Gift of Oil and as they say…..the rest is history!

Today our exceptional range of artisan oils and balsamics deliver incredible flavours and bring customers both old and new, back to us again and again.  An experience like no other, you just need to taste  to believe and you too will fall in love with flavour.

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Love Food. Love Flavour. featured image
Love Food. Love Flavour. featured image
Drizzle, splash & stir in the flavour
Drizzle, splash & stir in the flavour

Love Food. Love Flavour.

Improve the good, enhance the great and savour even the simplest of meals with our unique collections. Add an explosion of flavour to any meal.

A taste for anyone. A taste for anytime.

Our products are created in Sicily, Modena and Portugal. When there in partnership with our various family producers we  innovate and  experiment with new ideas and infusions always ensuring the provenance of our products is  the best that can be.

Each year the single estate olive oils we sell are painstakingly  blended. New  oil and balsamic infusions  are  developed, evaluated and continually improved upon in a process which can take several years before finally attaining perfection and being brought to market right here in the UK

We  believe that with olive oil and balsamic vinegar you definitely get what you pay for.

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