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Christmas Dinner Extravaganza – Oil & Balsamic Pairings for Roasted Deliciousness

Christmas Dinner Extravaganza – Oil & Balsamic Pairings for Roasted Deliciousness featured image

As you may well know by now, our high quality extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar are not just for dipping. In fact, the right combination or pairing of our balsamic and olive oil can enhance the flavour of almost any meal, thanks to our wide range of varieties and infusions.

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, we’ve compiled our favourite olive oil and balsamic vinegar pairings, suitable for every dish in your roast dinner. Take your turkey and vegetables to the next level. Be adventurous and perk up your gravy and dessert too.

Roasted Turkey or Chicken

Perfect Classic Pairing: Rosemary & Garlic Olive Oil and Vintage Balsamic Vinegar Try our perfect herb-suffused combination of rosemary and garlic olive oil with our Vintage Balsamic Vinegar on your roast chicken or turkey, for delicious results.

Perfect Adventurous Pairing: Chilli & Garlic Olive Oil and  Truffle Balsamic If you want your roast dinner to turn out a little more special, then our duet of  Chilli &  Garlic  Olive Oiland our Truffle  Balsamic infusion will deliver a rich and flavoursome heat with every bite.

Roasted Potatoes

Perfect Classic Pairing: Basil Olive Oil and Caramelised Onion Balsamic A classic pairing for your Christmas dinner’s roast potatoes would have to be our Basil  Olive Oil and Caramelised Onion  Balsamic Drizzle on top before or after roasting for a tasty outcome.

Perfect Adventurous Pairing: Mint  Olive Oil and Garlic & Ginger  Balsamic Enhance your potatoes with our fresh flavour combinations of Mint  Olive Oil and Garlic & Ginger Balsamic whether for marinating while roasting, or for sprinkling on top to serve.

Roasted Vegetables

Perfect Classic Pairing: Garlic  Olive Oil and  Classic Balsamic For an upgrade to your roasted vegetables, try our light and mellow blend of Garlic  Olive Oil with our traditionally matured Classic Balsamic.

Perfect Adventurous Pairing: Truffle Infused Olive Oil and Vine Tomato Infused Balsamic Bring your roasted veggies to life with the rich depth of flavours our  Truffle  Olive Oil and Vine Tomato Infused Balsamic can offer, guaranteed to enrich and entice the palate.

Christmas Pudding

Perfect Classic Pairing:Orange & Mandarin  Olive Oil and Chocolate & Coffee  Balsamic Balsamic Add a citrus zing with our Orange & Mandarin Olive Oil Merging it with our Chocolate & Coffee  Balsamic brings a gorgeous balance of rich sharpness to your Christmas dessert.

Perfect Adventurous Pairing: Lime  Olive Oil and Chilli  Balsamic Take your Christmas pudding to a whole other dimension with our tangy and spicy combination of lime olive oil and chilli balsamic, giving new zest to each rich bite.

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