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January Diet Tips

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With the Festive period now over and 2018 stretching out ahead, many of us will be looking to lose some weight, shift some of the excesses from December and to get healthier.

Getting to a healthy weight is a key part of your long-term wellbeing. Before you start though, it’s important that you are well prepared and have a sensible and realistic plan in place. It’s always worth checking with your doctor to ensure that there are no physical issues that can stand in the way of you and your targets. Your doctor will also be able to advise you on what is a healthy weight for you to aim for.

Choose your diet carefully

The internet is full of faddy diets and ideas on how to lose weight. You need to ensure that your choice is right for you and will provide you with the results you want to see. Ultimately there are numerous calculators online that will help you, but you need to find a diet that will provide you with a balanced calorie intake and combine that with exercise. A Mediterranean diet is one that, despite a whole range of different options out there, is still considered one of the best options. Users replace saturated fats, such as biscuits and animal fats with the monounsaturated fats that are found in extra virgin olive oil, nuts, and oily fish. The health benefits of olive oil can be broad whilst balsamic vinegar is a Syn free indulgence and can help you to avoid your food becoming too boring.

Plan ahead

One of the temptations is always to snack, or break your diet “just this one time”. The best way to solve this problem is to plan your meals rather than rely on choosing what to eat when you’re feeling hungry. Start your day the right way with a breakfast that’s more satisfying. Studies suggest that if you eat well at the start of the day you’ll be less likely to slip into bad habits!

Be physically active

A key way to lose weight is to ensure that you are physically active. You might feel you’re too busy, but being physically active every day is one important aspect of a healthy lifestyle. As well as helping you be trim, it also helps you strengthen your muscles and feel better. People with higher levels of physical activity are at less risk of developing chronic disease. You don’t need to be running marathons for it to make a difference. DIY, housework, going for a walk, or just playing with the children or your pets all count as moderately intense physical activities.

Consider your options

It’s important that your diet is right for you and enjoyable and one that does not once you’ve hit your target weight allow you to slip back into your old and bad habits. Eating well, especially with a Mediterranean diet, and feeling great from exercise will mean that you’ll reap more than just the benefits of some weight loss. Feel great for 2018 with The Gift Of Oil!

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