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Make Your New Year’s Resolution to Cook More with The Gift of Oil

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With 2018 on the horizon (where has the year gone?), it’s hard not to get caught up in the New Year resolution madness. Everyone wants to change themselves for the better, and the start of a new year kicks that desire up a notch. This year, instead of making a resolution you know you’re not going to stick to, why not make a resolution to cook more?

Cooking frequently can be incredibly beneficial, and can also have a positive effect on the number on your scales, and on your bank statement. It can also help you to expand your culinary knowledge and experiment more with food, which is where The Gift of Oil comes in. Our wide and varied range of both classic and infused extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar can add a delicious twist to any typical meal. Find out how cooking more can improve your life and wellbeing.

Save money

If you’re relying on takeaway pizza or Chinese food even a few times a month, that can quickly add up to the cost of an extra week’s food shop. By planning out what you want to cook that week, you can go food shopping with confidence to buy only what you need.

You can also take advantage of cooking in bulk, making multiple portions and then using the leftovers for another meal, or freezing them for another time when you don’t feel like cooking. By choosing to cook, even just a few times a week you can open up your kitchen to a whole new world of saving money.

Lose weight

Cooking all of your own meals can give you back control of what food you’re putting into your body, as well as control over your portion sizes. Ensuring you’re not accidentally over-eating, or eating something, like a pre-made sauce, that contains a shocking amount of sugar and salt, you can guarantee that everything on your plate is healthy and good for you.

Cooking is one of the best and most sure-fire ways to improve your diet. If you feel as though you’re really going to miss that takeaway curry, you can always learn to cook it yourself for cheaper and with less calories.

Be social

If you have children, then you can always get them involved in making meals together as a family. Kids always love to get messy in the kitchen and will be eager to help out if they’re allowed. Make the most of it and help instil healthy nutrition habits. Plus, if they’re helping out in the making of the meal, then they’re more likely to try any new foods that feature in the recipe.

Hosting dinner parties are also a great reason to start cooking more, as it gives yourself and your family and friends a great excuse to see each other more often. Invite them round to taste your improved culinary skills and repertoire of new dishes, and enjoy great company while you’re at it.


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