Munch your way through May with our perfect pairing combinations… | The Gift Of Oil

Munch your way through May with our perfect pairing combinations…

Munch your way through May with our perfect pairing combinations… featured image

Intensify the flavours of any of your meals with our pairings of an  infused olive oil and an infused balsamic vinegar, perfect for transforming your dish into a 5* masterpiece. Go ahead and enhance your meals using our BRAND NEW perfect pairing recommendations.

If you are not sure how to best complement your Spring dishes, using three of our extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar pairings, we’ve compiled a handy list of some of our favourites, ensuring the flavours and ingredients of all your dishes can be made even more delicious.

Pairing #1 Rosemary & Garlic oil paired with Caramelised Onion balsamic– A sumptuously savoury, rustic dressing.

This pairing brings together the comforting calm of our wonderfully aromatic rosemary and garlic oil and the deep rich savoury flavour of our caramelised onion balsamic vinegar.

An ideal pairing for stuffed peppers, a hearty and healthy hot meal that the whole family can enjoy. This is a tried and tested family favourite and is easy to make and deliver a delicious everyday meal when accompanied with a salad or baked potatoes. To serve, drizzle with rosemary & garlic oil and caramelised onion balsamic and simply enjoy the delicious flavours!

Pairing #2 Garlic oil paired with Sundried Tomato balsamic– a heavenly dressing simply bursting with sunshine!

This pairing delivers summer at any time of the year! It brings together delightfully fresh, aromatic garlic with smooth, fruity tomato.

We love to pair this with a scrumptious ham and spring onion omelette, a classic dish that is quick, satisfying and a great way to use up any leftovers in the fridge and tastes utterly amazing whatever you bundle together.

We prepare the dish and finish it with a generous dressing of garlic oil and sundried tomato balsamic vinegar to give it that out of this world taste!

Pairing #3 – Lime & Chilli oil paired with Garlic & Ginger balsamic – A sensationally spicy, fruity dressing!

This pairing delightfully combines the Holy Trinity of garlic, chilli & ginger with the zesty fruitiness of lime.

This is an ideal pairing for a healthy courgetti feta and raspberry salad. Making noodles from vegetables is very in vogue but we expect that this is a trend that is around for the long haul, and why wouldn’t it ….. it tastes simply amazing!

We can’t get enough of our new spiralizer gadget, it allows you to enjoy noodle/pasta style substance without the carbs – winner! The colours in this courgetti, feta and raspberry salad are so beautiful, and the lime & chilli oil paired with the garlic & ginger balsamic works really well with the fresh raspberries. Whip it up in a few minutes and then sit back and enjoy this guilt free meal!

For more food inspiration, to stimulate your kitchen creativity, and quick and easy ideas, see our latest recipes and cooking tips. Use your olive oils and balsamics in everyday meals.


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