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Perk Up Your Desserts with The Gift of Oil

Perk Up Your Desserts with The Gift of Oil featured image

Try adding a drizzle of one of our infused extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar, and take your dessert game to a whole new level! As some may feel apprehensive about adding a plain extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar to their desserts, we’ve compiled our favourites of our infused range, each boasting flavours and aromas designed to complement a wide variety of desserts.

Orange & Mandarin  Oil

Comprised of hand-picked Sicilian mandarins and blood oranges, this infused olive oil delicately balances the rich aromas and flavours of each to present the best of both fruits. Expect a rich and tangy flavour, sure to add a lovely depth to any dessert.

Pair with: Chocolate & Coffee  Balsamic

Thicker and more decadent than our classic balsamic vinegars, our Chocolate and Coffee infused balsamic is a delectable combination designed to add a rich dimension to any dessert. Composed of our thicker reserve balsamic, this infused vinegar offers a rich and intense experience with the natural flavourings and aromas of both coffee and chocolate.

Try sprinkling this pair over… Affogatto without the Espresso

Lemon  Oil

This infused olive oil features a delectable blend of hand-picked Sicilian lemons and Cersuola olives, expertly cold pressed together. As a result, this olive oil boasts a fresh and zesty lemon flavour, guaranteed to brighten up any sweet treat.

Pair with: Pomegranate & Fig  Balsamic

Our pomegranate and fig infused balsamic vinegar provides a luxurious and juicy dimension of taste to any dessert. By combining the sharper pomegranate with the syrupy flavour of fig, our balsamic infusion provides the perfect balance of richness.

Try sprinkling over… Italian-style Bakewell Tart with Lemon Whipped Cream

Lime  Oil

Our lime infused olive oil is made from hand-picked limes and olives that are pressed together within hours of being picked, in order to retain the highest level of freshness. The tangy taste of the limes adds a delicious sharpness that’s guaranteed to give your dessert an extra bite.

Pair with: Orange & Ginger  Balsamic

This sweet and exotic infusion of orange and ginger as a balsamic vinegar boasts a warm, rich, and almost spiced flavour. This balsamic condiment even has a little taste of cranberry to combine with the natural flavours of the orange and ginger for an even fruitier result.

Try sprinkling over… Frozen Blackberry Yogurt

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