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Take the stress out of your summer BBQ

Take the stress out of your summer BBQ featured image

The summer holiday is finally here and from what we see on the weather forecast the sun will again arrive and BBQ season will be in full swing. In anticipation, we would like to help you master your BBQ and give you some dressing tips to enhance what you cook!

Barbecuing isn’t as complicated as it looks, preparation, patience and our top tips will help guarantee your food is cooked well and tastes delicious.

  1. To start, a simple one, empty the ashes from your last session. (Go on…admit it!)
  2. Most important and often overlooked always pre-heat your BBQ before you start cooking, start this even before your guests arrive. Don’t forget the key ingredient to barbecuing is confidence, especially when you are ready to light your fire.
  3. After pre-heating, prepare the grill for your food, use a brass-wire brush to scrape the charred goo off, this will also need to be repeated after you have cooked.
  4. Once clean, oil the grill by grabbing an oiled paper towel with some long tongs and wiping it over the bars, this will stop food sticking to it.
  5. You’re now ready to start cooking.

Now we have the BBQ lit and your food is cooking away nicely, what are you going to serve with it?

We have some delicious ideas to add a ‘gourmet’ touch to your BBQ and boost your side dishes instantly by just adding a few different flavours:

Caramelised onions pair well with almost any type of meat, potato or vegetable that you prepare on your outdoor grill. Soften some onions in a pan with a little olive oil then add 2 tablespoons of classic balsamic and simmer gently over a low heat reducing the vinegar until the mixture is thick and sticky.

A potato side dish is a must have for any summer BBQ. Crushed baby new potatoes drenched in mint infused olive oil, salt and pepper are a perfect and cost effective side to accompany any meat.

Try our easy summer salad invented by one of our customers. In a bowl, add together a handful of grated cooked beetroot, a handful of grated carrot and a handful of flaked almonds totally drenched in our orange & mandarin oil, also a lovely accompaniment to tuna steak if that’s what is on the BBQ!

Add a touch of spice to your meal by making a spicy tomato ketchup, a tasty topping on burgers and hotdogs. To make, simply stir a glug of chilli and garlic oil or chilli pepper oil through your favourite ketchup.

If you would like to add another dressing to your BBQ table that is a little different to the traditional brown sauce, why not try connoisseur’s mustard. Simply stir a glug of classic, reserve, caramelised onion, truffle or chilli infused balsamic through your favourite mustard, this works particularly well with a Dijon or dark French mustard.

A BBQ isn’t a BBQ unless you have a sweet after your meal. Make any dessert that little bit more special with Chocolate & Coffee infused balsamic vinegar. Drizzle this delicious infusion over ice cream, tiramisu, strawberries, chilled melon or pear, fruit salads and yoghurt, to add a rich, intense flavour of decadence. It’s also absolutely stunning over a baked New York Vanilla Cheesecake!

For more food inspiration to stimulate your kitchen creativity, see our latest recipes and cooking tips to help you use your olive oils and balsamics to make any meal that little bit more special.

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