Try the latest drink sensation with our Olive Oil cocktail recipes

Try the latest drink sensation with our Olive Oil cocktail recipes featured image

If you’re looking to up the ante on your cocktail making expertise, then why not try something a little outside the box: olive oil! Olive oil can be utilised in the making of the cocktail, or drizzled on top for an additional flavour and unique texture. You can choose from our variety of infused olive oils to really bring your drink to life, or one of our extra virgin to complement the cocktail’s pre-existing flavours.

Don’t worry about the whole drink separating, just add an egg white: cocktails have used eggs, whether whole or parts of, for a long time now. The whites contain a certain set of proteins that aid in emulsifying water and oil together, and therefore go hand in hand with olive oil in adding a new and delicious dimension to your favourite alcoholic beverages.

Why not try: Canary Flip

30ml Yellow Chartreuse

30ml Cognac

15ml simple syrup

Few drops of Fernet Branca

1 egg white

30ml extra virgin olive oil, or lemon infused olive oil for a twist

Shake well and pour through a strainer to serve.

If having olive oil bonding with eggs isn’t quite your idea of a delicious drink, then there is always the option of drizzling the oil onto the finished cocktail for a boost of flavour. Adding olive oil via a dropper can delicately garnish the cocktail in terms of both decoration and flavour, adding just a hint of the rich and powerful aroma and taste you receive with our olive oils.

Why not try: Olive Oil Vodka Martini

90ml Vodka

15ml dry Vermouth

15ml Cointreau

7ml simple syrup

7ml extra virgin olive oil

Shake well with ice and pour through strainer to serve. Add extra droplets of olive oil on top for decoration and flavour.

Have fun mixing and matching our infused oils with your drinks. Be aware that including egg white with olive oil will make for a sweeter, more viscous taste and texture. Therefore, if you are planning on using an infused olive oil, it should most definitely be sweeter to complement the taste.

Why not try: Alternative Bloody Mary

50ml Gin

50ml Bell pepper juice 1

5ml lemon juice

15ml simple syrup

Dash of chilli infused olive oil

Shake well with ice and pour through strainer to serve. Garnish with our chilli infused olive oil.

Another way to creatively add our oils to your cocktails is as decoration. Simply moisten the rim of the glass with the olive oil, then tip the glass upside down and dip the rim in the sugar or salt on the rimming plate.

With so many ways to incorporate olive oil into your favourite alcoholic beverages, why not take a look at our olive oil range for inspiration? Whether mixing or drizzling, olive oil is not just for dipping.


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