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Dinner Party Dishes to Dazzle Your Guests

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We’ve compiled some of our favourite dishes to serve at dinner parties, and the perfect extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar pairings to accompany them. Serve your guests any of our selection of incredible mains and desserts and sensationalise their taste buds!

Delightful Dinner Party Mains

Cod with Orange & Dill Crumb, and Hassleback Potatoes

A flaky cod fillet encrusted in a herb-suffused crumb for added flavourful texture, with hassleback potatoes for a crispy, more unusual style of potato accompaniment than typical “roasties”.

Pair this meal with Orange & Mandarin  Oil and Chilli Balsamic for a boost of flavour. The mandarin and orange olive oil will complement the orange & dill crumb, whilst the chilli balsamic will add a touch of appetising heat.

Stuffed Peppers with Rice and Chilli

Perfect to serve as a meat-alternative for vegetarian dinner parties, our recipe for stuffed peppers combines the delicious taste of roasted pepper with irresistible chilli spice. Simply add rice to soak up all the flavours of the delicious pepper and chilli combination!

Pair this meal with Garlic Oil and VineTomato Balsamic for complementary, rich flavours that will really bring this meal to life.

Spinach and Ricotta Rotolo

A real showstopper main course! Whether you make the rotolo from scratch or not, our recipe for spinach and ricotta rotolo is guaranteed to have your guests’ mouths watering.

Pair this meal with Chilli Pepper  Oil and Garlic & Ginger  Balsamic for the perfect combination of spice and sweetness.

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