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New season Olive Oil has been created!

New season Olive Oil has been created! featured image

Every year Phil takes the annual pilgrimage to Disisa to work with the Di Lorenzo family to blend, taste and mix different oils to select the perfect combination.

Selection is a vital process, this is how we ensure that the quality and taste our customers have fallen in love with stays consistent. Unlike most products Italian Olive Oil of this quality cannot be continually mass produced, so it is really important we spend this time tasting. This is what allows us to consistently feature in best olive oil UK internet searches.

How this year’s oils were chosen:

Sicilian Olive Oil


Phil packed his case and flew to Disisa in the middle of January this year and together with Mario and Renato Di Lorenzo spent three full days tasting and blending before eventually finalising the composition of this year’s fantastic New Season Sicilian extra virgin olive oil.

Their first day was spent tasting and assessing;

Two Nocellara extra virgin olive oil made from olives harvested and pressed during the first week of November but from different groves on the estate.

Seven Cerasuola extra virgin olive oil made from olives from various parts of the estate, some picked early in the harvest and some picked late.

From these nine oils, six were selected for further consideration.

The second and third days were then spent mixing and tasting countless combinations of these preferred oils until at last a truly delicious blend was created!

This blend will be available as our new season sicilian oil and is made from a blend of 60% Cerasuola and 40% Nocellara oils.

The Cerasuola oil was made up 50/50 from olives harvested early in October from the 100 year old trees in the Vuaria grove and from olives picked early in November from the much younger, 20 year old trees in the Valanche grove.

The Nocellara is a 50/50 blend of oils with both being made from olives picked during the first week of November, one batch from trees in the Winery grove and the other from trees in the Valanche grove.

Our result is a New Season Oil which is quite superb – green and grassy with a little spice on the finish.


Just some of the many Cerasuola / Nocellara combinations tasted!


Phil’s notes- or rather two of the four pages of notes made on the second days tasting!


The magnificent view of the estate from the courtyard of Disisa. (Not bad for January!)


The 100 year old Cerasuola trees in the Vuaria grove.


……time for a beer???


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