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National Pizza Day – What’s your favourite topping?

National Pizza Day – What’s your favourite topping? featured image

It’s National Pizza Day! It’s not like we need an excuse to eat pizza, but it’s good to have one anyway!

We can’t have a pizza without giving it that extra Italian taste using an infused extra virgin olive oil or balsamic vinegar, it makes it taste like you are sitting in Rome next to the Trevi Fountain eating a really authentic masterpiece!

To celebrate we have put together a list of eight family favourite pizzas, whatever flavour you’re looking for, there’s always a pizza and a The Gift of Oil product out there to tingle your taste buds!

Meat Feast

If a deep pan meat feast pizza, covered in pepperoni, beef and ham doesn’t taste glorious enough, our delightfully earthy but sweet truffle infused balsamic vinegar drizzled across the top after cooking creates an unimaginable taste sensation.

Four Cheese Margherita

As great as a Margherita is, it can sometimes perhaps taste a little bland and boring. A drizzle of Chilli & Garlic  Olive Oil and  Caramelised Onion  Balsamic Vinegar will take it to a different level altogether and one guaranteed to make you want more!

Mexican Heatwave

Trust us, when you taste how amazing our Basil Olive Oil and Vine Tomato Infused Balsamic Vinegar

tastes when drizzled over a Mexican heatwave pizza, you will never want a takeaway pizza again. The flavours of the oil and balsamic mixed with onions, red peppers, juicy tomatoes and jalapeño create a truly wonderful taste sensation!

Gluten Free

Elevate the flavours of a chicken and mushroom pizza by pairing it with cranberry and orange infused balsamic, mixing sweet with savoury…. it’s absolute perfection! If you would like to set yourself a challenge and make your own gluten-free pizza instead of buying a supermarket made one, this recipe from Jamie Oliver is a simple yet tasty mixture.

Cheese and pepperoni

A pepperoni pizza is an Italian classic, it’s always a big hit with the family and will be for years to come, but drizzling it with chilli balsamic gives it a spicy twist that will send your taste buds into overload.

For a gluten-free alternative, check out this recipe

Veggie Supreme

Give your veggie pizza a sweet and spicy taste using Lime &  Chilli Olive Oil, load up on sweetcorn, onions, mushroom and peppers to add an array of flavours.

Tortilla Farmhouse

For those of you who have stuck to your new year diet, why not celebrate with a ‘fake-away’ pizza. A tortilla wrap lay flat and smothered in tomato purée and topped with ham, mozzarella and mushroom and which tastes delicious when drizzled with Garlic Olive Oil and our syn free Classic Balsamic Vinegar. You can even get the family involved in the making of this delicious dish. View the recipe here.

Tuna Delight

If you are like us and like a fish pizza, why not add a sweet taste to your dish by drizzling lemon olive oil paired with pomegranate and fig balsamic vinegar. It tastes simply delicious!

For more food inspiration to stimulate your kitchen creativity, see our latest recipes and cooking tips, all designed to help you use your Italian olive oil and balsamic vinegar of Modena to make any meal that little bit more special.


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