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New season Olive Oil has been created!

Every year Phil takes the annual pilgrimage to Disisa to work with the Di Lorenzo family to blend, taste and mix different oils to select the perfect combination. Selection is a vital process, this is how we ensure that the quality and taste our customers have fallen in love with stays consistent. Unlike most products

A History Of Olive Farming

The Origins of The Olive Tree The origin and domestication of the olive tree coincides and mingles with the growth of Mediterranean civilisations.  It’s thought that the olive was first domesticated in the Eastern Mediterranean between 8,000, and 6,000 years ago. However, fossilised remnants of the ancestor of the olive tree were found near Livorno, Italy from

Take the stress out of your summer BBQ

The summer holiday is finally here and from what we see on the weather forecast the sun will again arrive and BBQ season will be in full swing. In anticipation, we would like to help you master your BBQ and give you some dressing tips to enhance what you cook! Barbecuing isn’t as complicated as

Fun and easy snacks to make with the kids this summer

Summer’s in full swing and the kids are done with school until September, but it can be hard work keeping kids busy during the summer holidays, six whole weeks of entertaining can burn a very big hole in your wallet! However thankfully you don’t always have to venture out of the house to keep those

The Di Lorenzo Family

In Sicily our partners are the Di Lorenzo Family who own the magnificent disisa estate set in a majestic landscape in the hills of north western Sicily. The estate has been in the hands of the Di Lorenzo family for well over a hundred years and is today run by Renato Di Lorenzo and his

The Health Benefits of a Mediterranean Diet: IN THE NEWS

Recently there have been a plethora of articles in the press explaining the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Although widely discussed as a healthy way of life in the 80’s and 90’s, the Mediterranean diet has slid out of fashion over the past few years, with favour being given to “fat free” and then “low

Early Harvest Sicilian Olive Oil Arriving Soon!

We are delighted to announce that in the next few weeks we will be receiving our ‘Early Harvest’ Sicilian Olive Oil! Mario & the Di Lorenzo family harvested these Cerasuola olives in early October rather than mid November meaning the olives are smaller but at at their absolute optimum quality. The extra virgin olive oil that is produced is considered to have even more health benefits. Read

Creating Our New Sicilian Olive Oil – What’s The Process?

On top of the time it takes to grow, pick and press the olives, we then spend several days every January/February tasting and creating the perfect blend that becomes our best selling New Season Sicilian olive oil. The Di Lorenzo family grow 4 different types of olives on their estate (The Disisa Estate in North West Sicily),

The Verrini Family

One of the families we work with to create our balsamic vinegar collection are The Verrini’s, who have a beautifully tranquil estate in the countryside to the north of the city. There the Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes used to make the balsamics are grown, crushed, and then matured in ancient oak barrels. The main man

The Different Types of Balsamic Vinegar

There are four types of balsamic vinegar available today Artisan This is authentic vinegar, made in the traditional “Tradizionale” way in the provinces of Modena and Reggio. It has been made for centuries and will have been tested and approved by the balsamic consortiums in these two regions. These vinegars carry the word “tradizionale” on

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